New Frontier for CrossFit: A $2B Industry Attracts Kids

 EVF CrossFit at Columbus Circle will begin offering kids classes in June. 
Capitalizing on a Craze

The CrossFit industry can’t be contained. Business owners have been opening up new locations and leveraging small business loans for years to help their companies grow through smart investments and marketing. The $2 billion industry has expanded internationally and now the brand itself has become synonymous with success. That explosion sparked an interest for Eric Von Frohlich, who co-founded EVF CrossFit, which offers high intensity workouts for childen as young as 8 years old. 

“Kids will get to lift weights and large objects, as well as
participate in a range of activities focused on overall physical fitness
including lunges, squats, jumping and sprinting. ‘The
kids’ program is similar [to the adults]. We just scale [down] the
volume of the movement and the intensity and size of the weights’, Von
Frohlich said.”

As the owner of a CrossFit gym–for kids or otherwise, having a smart business plan and marketing to the right people is essential. Additionally, we all recognize it takes capital to build and successfully run a small business. With banking regulations limiting the number of small business loans many can access. Small business owners in the health club and gym industries have had a tough time getting cash. That all changes with Silver Rock Funding, which launched to help small business owners like CrossFit gym owners get access to up to $500,000 even with less than perfect credit. Learn more about Silver Rock Funding at

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