Utah, Texas, Idaho, Virginia Best States for Business

Utah was named the best state in America for business.
Everyone loves lists and rankings, and one of the most
anticipated lists in the business world was released just recently.
Thumbtack.com came out with their list of the most business-friendly states in the US based on how easy it is to hire employees, how easy it is to start up a
business, the state’s overall regulations and the strength of training and
networking within the state. Utah claimed the top spot this year, with an “A+”
rating. Following the Beehive State to round out the top four were Texas, Idaho
and Virginia, all of which received “A+” ratings as well. The bottom three
states were Illinois, California and Rhode Island, all of which were given a
rating of “F.”
The survey also ranked which factors were the most important to creating an environment where businesses can grow and thrive. One of the
findings was that government regulation can have a tremendous effect on the
business environment within a state. Tax regulation, hiring regulation and
licensing forms were listed as the three most important factors in a
business-friendly state. The rest of the factors also centered largely on the
state’s government, especially with regard to regulations and training
Regardless of whether the state you live in is at the top or
the bottom of the list, the United States remains one of the best countries in
the world to start and expand a business. Bloomberg ranks the US in the top three in their most recent list of the best countries for business. It’s
crucial as a business owner to take advantage of your state and country’s
business-friendly environment, but you can’t do that without the proper
financing. Silver Rock Funding can help with that. Our network of small business loan providers can get you a merchant cash advance of anywhere between
$5,000 and $500,000 to make sure that you have all the tools you need to make
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