Workplace Bad Habits You Need to Break (Your Small Biz Will Thank You)

We all have bad habits, at home and at work, but there are some bad habits you should probably break in order to get ahead as a small business owner. Here’s some of the most common workplace bad habits and how to get rid of them once and for good.

1. Answering emails as soon as you receive them… Answering emails as soon as you see them pop up interrupts the work you’re in the middle of and disrupts your train of thought. Set times for checking your email. For example, check your emails at the top of every hour or, if you think you can manage it, every two hours. Or, simply finish one project or task and check your emails once you’re finished.

2. Not taking “breathers.” Sitting at your desk in front of a computer for hours on end is not good for your eyes, your body, your brain, or your morale. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a job that keeps you on your feet, try to get up and walk around once an hour (if not more often). It will keep your mind fresh.

3. Always saying “yes.” We tend to say “yes” because we don’t want to let our peers/colleagues down. But, always saying “yes” to additional projects, meetings, etc. can easily overwhelm you and, in turn, make your small business suffer. So, before you say “yes” to something, tell the person you’ll “get back to them,” assess your schedule, and then give them an honest answer.

4. Putting off big projects. It’s usually best to just “bite the bullet” and get the hard stuff done first. If you have a huge project you need to accomplish, set aside two hours a day (or whatever amount of time makes sense) to work only on that project. Knowing that there’s end in sight each day means less stress.

These are just a few examples of workplace bad habits we all need to break. So, start with one, and go from there. For the complete list of bad habits and their solutions (and the article that inspired this post), visit

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