World Cup Brings Business Opportunities

Many industries are cashing in on World Cup hysteria.

There are certain things we look forward to every summer: pools
opening, longer and more frequent vacations, warmer weathers and more outside
barbeques. However, one major event makes this summer unlike any of the past
three summers: the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Every four years, soccer fans from all
around the world anxiously await the month-long period where countries battle
for supremacy in the world of soccer. It’s an enormous event for athletes,
sports fans, and citizens of the countries competing. It’s also a huge economic
opportunity for many businesses. Whether it’s construction workers building
stadiums, clothing vendors selling jerseys near the games, or restaurants
serving hungry tourists who have traveled to the host country, the World Cup
leads to a tremendous amount of business opportunities for savvy entrepreneurs.
This year, a rather unusual industry is taking advantage of World Cup hysteria:
Cosmetics companies all over the world have started to cash in on this summer’s World Cup buzz. In London, some companies have developed
partnerships with local pubs that would allow them to sell their products to
female soccer fans watching the matches. Other companies have released
commemorative fragrances that pay homage to Brazil, this year’s host nation.
Some beauty salons have offered special deals for customers who come in during
the World Cup, playing the match on television during the customer’s
All of these ventures have one thing in common: they all saw
an opportunity to expand their business, and they all seized that opportunity. In
the world of business, nothing is more important than taking advantage of every
single opportunity available. In order to take full advantage of a situation,
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