And the Winner of “Grand For Your Brand” is…Takiyah J. Thomas!

We’re excited to officially announce the winner of our “Grand For Your Brand” contest, Takiyah J. Thomas – owner of Ja De’van Fashion Designs & Alterations, LLC. The aspiring (and talented) fashion designer will receive $1,000 to help grow her brand.
“It has long been a dream of mine to own a boutique. I come from a long line of seamstresses and entrepreneurs, and I guess you can say owning my own business is ‘meant to be.’ For the past few years, I’ve been branding my business, building a customer base and investing in supplies,” Thomas said. “I currently run my business from home and, after proper planning, intend to open a storefront. The support I’ve received throughout this contest from family, friends and clients has motivated me to expedite my planning.”
Thomas plans to use the grand prize funds to purchase a second body form (mannequin), reorder garment labels and begin establishing business credit through a secure credit line.
“While $1,000 won’t buy me my storefront, I am so grateful for what I’ll be able to accomplish with the additional funds; it brings me one step closer to my ultimate goal. Thank you, Silver Rock Funding!” 
The “Grand For Your Brand” contest was a rewarding opportunity for Silver Rock Funding to reach out to small business owners/entrepreneurs and help increase awareness of their brands. Small businesses are essential to the health of the U.S. economy and everyone should do their part to support their development.
We’d also like to thank the finalists and everyone else who participated – it was fun reviewing all the unique business ventures and “getting to know” the ambitious business owners/entrepreneurs.
If you’re a business owner/entrepreneur, or you know someone who is, Silver Rock Funding would love the opportunity to help you access the funds you need to reach your business goals.Whether you need a small business loan to purchase supplies, or your storefront needs a refresh, Silver Rock Funding is here to help! 

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