California Bars and Restaurants Nationwide Preparing for NFL Season

America’s national pastime is back...The National Football League (NFL). After a six month hiatus, millions of
people are dusting off their jerseys, building fantasy teams, and telling
anyone who will listen why their team will win the Super Bowl.

But for many football fans, the top priority is finding a quality place to watch their squad.  For those of
us without Direct-TV, the logical destination is a bar or restaurant, where
people can revel in the comfort of wall-to-wall 50-inch high definition screens
and overdose on wings and beer.

Bars and restaurants in Redlands, California understand the NFL’s
popularity, and how profitable weekends are during the season. That’s why
managers are pulling out all the stops to boost Sunday traffic; from offering
discounted menu specials to using social media marketing.  Applebee’s holds a Monday burgers and brews
to excite patrons for Monday Night Football, while Johnny’s Tacos and Sports
offers a variety of cable services for fans to watch their favorite teams, food
specials, and access to tailgate outside their establishment on weekends for

The NFL season is not only for football fans, but for the local business
communities eager to capitalize off their excitement by providing a quality atmosphere
for the ultimate fan experience.  As businesses gear-up for the 2014
football season, they know there are excellent ways to get extra working capital to help their businesses grow.

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