Cash Mobs? How some small businesses are cashing in

Many small business owners can be assisted.We all know that cash is king. It moves the needle, it cranks the budgets–it does it all. With the preponderance of credit cards, this reality starts to fade a bit and more and more customers use their credit cards and debit cards to do everything. For small business owners, getting paid via credit card might seem like a small issue–but for many entrepreneurs the fees associated with credit card transactions can be hazardous. According to an article just released today, many small town business owners have looked to so-called “cash mobs” to try and help small businesses get the cash they need in their locations without sacrificing sales. This fine line between success and failure underscores the reality that some small business owners just need an extra boost. With Silver Rock Funding, small businesses can access between $5,000 to $500,000 for their businesses to grow. 

Kara Norman, one of the women behind the effort to start the cash mobs pointed it out clearly. “Those of us who are non-merchants don’t realize the cost (the transactions) are to a small business,” she said. “All the bits of overhead matter.” This is the reality as businesses deal with the modern commerce cycle. Small business loans are one way businesses have off-set this perilous reality. Understanding what is out there and how to best deal with it is always a challenge and this couldn’t be more evident in what is happening for small businesses looking to maximize profits while not sacrificing their customers’ needs.

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