How to Create the Best Customer Experience at Your Business

Customer experience is the key to business success. Here are questions that business owners should answer.

Business owners should hold every customer at the highest regard. The experience that consumers have at your company can make or break you. Here are the questions that small business owners need to ask for the best customer experience:

CustomerWhat goals do you have for each customer at your business? 

Businesses have more control of the experience that customers have at their business than they think. One expert in customer service is Shep Hyken. Mr. Hyken, as a customer service expert and key note speaker encourages business owners to think on one thing. He believes that business owners should come up with 3 words that they want customers to use when describing their experience at their business. Do you want customers to feel that your business is welcoming, convenient, and inexpensive? Should they describe their business as eccentric, vibrant, and progressive? Once a business ties down which adjectives to use, they can then tailor their business accordingly.

How do you keep track of customer experiences?

Comment boxes are a thing of the past. Customers and business owners both use technology in a variety of capacities. Statistics show that consumers search for a business online before they shop or go to a brick and mortar. That means that it is important to have a web presence to hear from business owners. There is a mobile application, kriddik, it allows consumers to provide direct feedback to business owners. The incentive comes in the form of points and prizes. Users are entered into drawings for things like completing a user profile, uploading business photos, uploading receipts, and inviting friends. Use kriddik in order to track the experience that your customers have at your business most effectively. Accounts are free for business owners.

How do I get funding for my business? 

Silver Rock Funding hears from thousands of businesses each month. This year alone, more than $3 million has been dispersed. That is funding for expansion, new merchandise, emergency expenses, and anything else a business owner needs. So, when a question of funding occurs, private investor help can make things better. There are a variety of options for business owners to choose from, including asset-based loans and merchant cash advances.


Now that you know, business owners are able to satisfy customers and clients, get started. Your questions have been answered. Get started on your path to success. Remember, if you need help with funding, Silver Rock Funding can assist you.

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