Why Would an Established Business Need a Loan?

Established business or startup business, business loans could help companies in every stage.

Expenses are a part of doing business. Bills come year-round, year to year. Your business may be generating an excess of money, but suddenly you find that there is not enough. That’s because an established business is not the same as a moneyed business. From sudden expenses to expansion, Silver Rock Funding has the capital to assist you.

established business
Small businesses often lack the excess capital that larger corporations possess.

Small businesses often lack the excess capital that larger corporations possess. Newer studies reveal that they even get little assistance from elected officials. Even though small business owners receive heaps of accolades from politicians, they come up short-handed. Entrepreneurs receive less economic incentives and development funding than big businesses, even though they notably contribute most to local economies. So, when sudden expenses occur, they have less cushion to recover. If a smaller business needs to purchase or replace equipment, they may have to dig into funds for other expenses. When small business owners need financial help, there are funding opportunities as an established business. Trusted lenders that Silver Rock Funding partners with, have dispersed more than $7 million in funding.

Every week we see new technologies emerging for small businesses. Notably, Forbes covers innovation in an aptly titles column called This Week’s Small Business Technology. Every week they feature developments in technology and every week we are excited by the new possibilities for small business owners to tap into a newer earning potential. Unfortunately, when small business owners learn about these new technologies, they cannot always afford to tap into these ideas. A tequila-powered vehicle to save on fuel costs? Not in the budget. Purchasing Pokemon Go lures to attract customers? Sorry, the electric bill had to be paid. At Silver Rock Funding we can help small business owners cover the expenses of investing in your established business. Our trusted lenders have helped established business owners with more than $1.5 million in the last 50 days.  

For small business funding for growth and expansion, Silver Rock Funding has millions to lend your established business. Approvals could happen within 24 hours. Every approved established business receives direct assistance from a funding manager. Funding managers work with established business owners  to understand the needs of their company. Options are presented to entrepreneurs and they are given time to review and accept their funding solution. You can get started on the application, today. Funds are usually deposited in 72 hours.

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