How the Ebola Virus May Present Economic Challenges for the Small Business Hospitality Industry

The Ebola virus has captured the attention of the world since
news broke of several reported cases of people exposed to the malignant virus.  Some pundits speculate about the virus’ potency,
while others wonder if this could curtail traveling, a development that could present
economic challenges for the small business hospitality industry.
Social events of this magnitude are just an example of how small
business owners have to adapt to unexpected changes that could cause a decline
in business. While some of the larger hotel chains could manage a few tough weeks
of stagnant economic activity, small business hotels desiring monetary growth don’t
have this luxury.  The growing costs
associated with operating a hotel can be massive.  Whether the proprietor’s goal is to remodel a
wing of their hotel or building a new location, weighing their different funding
options is a top priority.
One of the most popular methods for attaining capital are
small business loans, and companies like Silver Rock Funding are considered the
optimal choice for these needs.  With a
large network of lenders, small business owners can get a merchant cash advance
of up to $500,000.  These funding
requests can be approved within 72 hours ensuring that your business enjoys financial

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