How to Juggle Your Day Job and Your Small Business

In a “perfect” world, entrepreneurs could drop everything and throw all their time and resources into their new small business… But, it’s not a perfect world. Many entrepreneurs have to keep their day jobs while they get their new business up and running, and sometimes for a while afterward. But, there’s no need to stress! Here are some tips on how to keep your day job while you pursue your small business dreams…

Reevaluate your perspective. If you look at your “normal” job as something that’s holding you back…don’t! Try to be positive and view your current job as a resource that’s allowing you to pursue your goal of a successful small business.

Buy an agenda. Or, in other words, plan your days to a tee. Working 24/7 might seem impressive, but you won’t put forth your best effort if you’re drained. So, schedule your days in advance and be sure you allot time for some relaxation (and 8-hours of sleep).

Maximize your time and become a pro at multitasking. There are probably certain times of the day when you’re “wasting” valuable time and don’t even realize it… For example, instead of spending your 30-minute commute listening to the radio, make some handsfree business calls. Or, if you take public transportation, shoot out those emails that have been on your to-do list for days.

Outsource! One of the perks of keeping your day job is you still have a steady income. Look at your budget and figure out how much money you have to pay someone else (who will do it better) to manage your social media or send out newsletters. This will save your time and sanity.

If you stay positive, pace yourself and plan efficiently…there’s no reason you can’t balance your day job AND your entrepreneurial aspirations. For more tips, check out this article on (via Entrepreneur magazine).

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