Small Business Advice from Entrepreneur Robert Herjavec


Our favorite pieces of small business advice come from entrepreneurs who have “been there, done that.” You’ve probably heard the name “Robert Herjavec” once or twice, he’s not only a super successful entrepreneur but a host of the ABC’s Shark Tank. He recently gave any interview about a new documentary, Small Business Revolution, “which profiles 100 small businesses around the country and really gets into the essence of what makes these individuals successful.” Here are some of our favorite pieces of advice from his Fox Business interview:

  • “You can have passion but without opportunity you won’t likely succeed. He explains that ‘success doesn’t see color, gender, race, or size. It’s a benchmark you set for yourself.’
  • “Failure is an inevitable part of the learning curve in business. The fact is you always have to be excited about tomorrow.”
  • “One of the mistakes he often sees in small business start-ups is too much reliance on the hiring of friends. Although it may seem comfortable and convenient at the time it can often come back to haunt you. The fact is you have to find people who get you, but also have the competence and drive to get the job done. Then, of course, you have to be prepared to lead them.”
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