Small Business Florist Gets In On Prom Fun

Small business owners know that once in awhile you have to think outside the box and get things done a different way. All you have to do is read the first sentence to know the story: 

season is upon us, and teens across the country are excited to put
chicken corsages on their dates’ arms thanks to a Louisville florist and
KFC…The corsage is being sold to prom-goers this season thanks to Louisville-based Nanz and Kraft Florists. Corsages
shipped to customers in Louisville will feature fresh baby’s breath,
while those shipped out-of-town will have silk baby’s breath.
chicken is actually shipped to customers and is featured as a $5 KFC
gift check included in the corsage kit, to allow customization with
original recipe, extra crispy or grilled chicken.

Regardless of the success, this is a great example of a small business owner using their business as a great marketing tool. Sometimes marketing genius can come easily and cost nothing. Other times you might need a bit of cash yourself to get the marketing done. A number of florists and other business owners have used the funding made available through Silver Rock Funding. These small business loans allow you to get the funding you need for your small business without having to spend your savings to do it.

Check out a quick video on it too. Great job small business owners:

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