Summer Big Season for Gym Memberships

The summer is one of the two busiest times of the year for gyms.
There are two times of the year that, more than any others,
people flock to the gym in droves. The first is at the beginning of January, as
people attack their New Year’s resolutions with a vengeance by trying to get
back in shape. The second is during the summer, when the rapidly approaching
beach season drives many to the gym in an effort to pack on some muscle and
lose some waist inches. This means that right now we are at the busiest time of
the year for one of the fastest growing industries. One study projects the
growth rate gym and health club memberships in the United States at over 25
Not all gyms and health clubs are corporate giants. In fact,
many of them are locally owned small businesses. Obviously, small gyms and
health spas are at a disadvantage in terms of financing their expansions. Whether
it’s buying new weights, advertising a new membership special or adding a new
feature such as a sauna, it costs money for a small gym to offer the next level
of fitness opportunities – money that small gyms often don’t have right away.

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