Summer Engagements Bring Big Business

Wedding proposals rely on a variety of small businesses.
We’ve talked before on this blog about how the summer is the
biggest season of the year for weddings – and it is. The wedding industry is a
staggeringly large one. Bridal shops, catering halls, hotels, salons, cosmetics
– all experience a tremendous amount of business thanks to weddings, especially
during the summertime. However, there’s another aspect of weddings that
stimulates various businesses just as much – the engagement.
It goes without saying that a wedding proposal is a daunting
task. Some opt for a simple proposal, such as after a nice dinner at a fancy
restaurant, while others, like this gentleman here, take the less-than-subtle  approach of incorporating large amounts of
people, music and pageantry – in this case, the entire University of Michigan
Wolverines Marching Band. Regardless of how people decide to propose, chances
are they need a little help with it, and that help can often come from various
small business industries.

In order to best help those star-crossed lovers who rely on
you, whether you’re a florist, a restaurant owner or a jeweler, you’ll need the right kind of financing. For that,
there’s Silver Rock Funding. Our network of lenders can get you a merchant cash advance of up to $500,000 for your small business needs. Most loans can be
approved within 72 hours, making sure you’re always prepared for whatever comes
your way.

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