Can Your Business Save Money with Telecommuting Employees?

Telecommuting has a variety of benefits for small business and large corporations alike. The Silver Rock Funding team explored the pros and cons.

At one point, running a brick and mortar business was the primary business model. Of course there were business owners who would travel door-to-door. However, even that model called for traditional office space. Now more business owners are allowing for employees to telecommuting or working remotely. A Gallup poll revealed that 37% of US employees are now telecommuting, at least part of the time. In theory, avoiding daily office participation would seem to save money for employees and business owners alike. Some experts believe, that using a telecommuting business model is not all it’s cracked up to be.

At the end of 2015, Huffington Post encouraged employers to begin teleworking. They gave 5 reasons why business owners should hop on the remote working model. They claimed there is increased productivity, that 53% of telecommuters are more likely to work 40 hours a week as opposed to 28% of non-telecommuting workers. On the other hand, some critics believe that  working onsite is ideal for innovative work experiences.

One of the primary reasons that business owners might embrace telecommuting is for a minimization of overhead costs. According to Global Workplace Analytics, most business owners would save $11,000 annually if their employees teleworked half the time. The costs impacted include leasing, office supplies, transit expenses, and even coffee. If you need assistance with covering those expenses, our trusted lenders offer funding for office expenses, emergency expenses and much more!

In a world centered around the world wide web, more businesses are beginning to opt out of brick and mortar businesses. Rightfully so, there are some costs associated with running a brick and mortar establishment. Some businesses are using virtual offices. Others are allowing employees and contractors to work from home-based offices. This business model is not only for small businesses.

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