The Use of Gamification in the Digital Marketing Era to Help Small Businesses Better Engage with Younger Customers

In the digital marketing age, small businesses are
challenged with finding ways to engage with a younger customer base.  But one growing technological trend some
small companies are espousing to reach these younger demographics is gamification,
the application of game elements applied to non-game contexts. 
While this phenomenon is fairly new, gamification has the
potential to benefit small businesses looking to better connect with their younger
patrons beyond conventional marketing strategies.  By implementing this practice, small business
owners are broadening the interaction with their customers, while creating a fun
experience elevating both audience engagement and the possibility of increased loyalty
to the business.
Gamification is just one of many marketing strategies in the
world of e-commerce that small businesses may consider as a way to stay current
and one step ahead of the competition.  Additionally,
small business owners are prudent when evaluating all of their marketing options
before committing to one particular plan. 
In some cases, the factor of costs can influence the course of action
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