You’ll Never Believe How Many Small Businesses Don’t Have a Website

Over 55 percent of small businesses don’t have a website.

We’ve heard it countless times before, and it has been true
every time: we are living in a digital age. Everything we do in the world of
business is intertwined through digital technology. Smartphones allow us to
always be connected to our business and our customers, search engines give us
the opportunity to get the most out of our advertisements, and the Internet lets
us connect with infinitely more potential customers and partners than we would
have been able to have in the past. Yet, despite how vital it is for a business
to take advantage of these technologies, one staggering statistic holds many
small businesses back.

According to a recent survey by Google and Ipsos, more than 55 percent of all small businesses don’t have a website. No business can reach
its full potential without a website to connect with their customers. It allows
people to learn more about you, and lets your business develop and advertise
its own unique brand. Whether your business is an up and coming health club, a
new furniture store or a dentist opening up a new practice, having a website is
absolutely crucial to compete in your business’ industry.
Small business owners who don’t have a website listed various
concerns and reasons for not starting one. One of the major worries they had
was that it would cost too much. That’s where Silver Rock Funding comes in. Our
network of lenders can get your small business a merchant cash advance between $5,000
and $500,000. Most small business loans can be approved within 72 hours, making sure you get
the money you need to start your website, and for anything else your business

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