4 Things Business Owners Should be Doing this Labor Day

  1. Labor Day can be an opportunity for you to grow your business in a variety of ways.

For most people Labor Day is just another day off for work. Appropriately so, since it is supposed to be a time to acknowledge those who labor among us. However, Labor Day is a great time to get customers into your business… or not. The Silver Rock Funding team created this list of things that your business should be doing this Labor Day weekend.

#1 Acknowledging Employees

Thomas Edison is credited for saying that, “there is not substitution for hard work.” Every business owner knows this to be true. Sure, you may have bootstrapped your business to success. However, you needed help along the way. That’s where your employees come in. In June of 1894, congress passed an act to make the first Monday in September Labor Day. This day was “dedicated to [celebrating] the social and economic achievements of American workers.”

There is no day more appropriate than this for acknowledging your employees. Studies suggest that people leave bad bosses, not bad jobs. So, it’s important to form a solid and positive relationship with employees. They are more likely to stay with your business.

#2 Join Kriddik

Kriddik is a customer feedback app that offers cash and prizes to users. The new app launched in August. It provides a platform for customers to discretely give feedback to business owners. From restaurateurs to dentists,  it is important to hear what customers have to say. As the summer months bring in a flux of customers, now is a great time to seek feedback from customers. The Kriddik app allows receipt-bearing customers the chance to connect with you directly. The incentive? Not only do they gain your ear, but the app offers prizes through frequent drawings. Currently, most users are in New Hampshire. The brand plans to expand nationwide in September.

#3 Holiday Promotions

Earlier this summer we talked to you about some of the awesome ways to promote during Independence Day. Providing promotional products for the holiday is always a hit. Whether it’s a t-shirt with your logo and a hammer (a respected Labor Day symbol) or a holiday pen, people love free stuff.

Another respected promotion are social media contests. These contests are great because they, not only, get the attention of previous customers, but their friends on social media sites. There are plenty of opportunities for Labor Day social media contests. Host a photo contest where people share pictures of themselves at work with your business as a hashtag (#). Another contest can be a gift card give away for those who share the best photo of themselves at your business or using your product.

#4 Close Shop

Taking a day to relax might be your best bet. This give your employees (and yourself) time to spend with family and celebrate. Plus, it can allow you time to relax and rejuvenate, making you more equipped for the coming days of work. Whether it’s a paid day off or not, employees will appreciate the day off. After all, Labor Day is a fitting day to celebrate the holiday.


At Silver Rock Funding, we are committed to providing resources and funding to small business owners. Try these three methods at your small business this holiday weekend. If you need funding of any of these strategies, contact us. Our trusted lenders have millions to lend. You can complete the free application on our website. Leave us comments below for ways that you will be celebrating the Labor Day Holiday at your business. 

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