This Is How You Can Celebrate Your Employees This Labor Day

Labor Day is a time to celebrate America’s workers.

Labor Day is after all a celebration of workers. Congress passed an act, in June of 1894,  to recognize the first Monday in September as Labor Day. This day was “dedicated to [celebrating] the social and economic achievements of American workers.” The Silver Rock Funding Team is always happy to help small business owners be great. Here are ways you can celebrate those who help your business run everyday.

Labor Day


Day Off

Give your employees time to spend with family and celebrate. This allows them time to refresh. A refreshed employee is happy making you more equipped for the coming days of work. Whether it’s a paid day off or not, employees will appreciate the day off. After all, Labor Day is a fitting day to celebrate the holiday. If you need the funding to catch up with missed sales, let Silver Rock Funding assist you. There are millions of dollars to lend.


Having a celebration, onsite or not, can certainly improve employee morale. Studies show that employees leave bad management not bad jobs. With that in mind you can have a sucky business with awful job positions, yet employees will stay because you treat them great. Show your employees some love this Labor Day with a party. You can keep it among the coworkers or have them invite a plus one. If you need the capital to make it happen, there’s funding available. We realize that the holiday is only days away, who says the celebration has to be on Labor Day? Let Silver Rock Funding help.

Take the time to appreciate those who help to make your business great. The Silver Rock Funding Team is always excited small business owners. We have matched business owners with more than $3 million in funding this year. Whether we help you with financing or promotional tips, we are happy to help. Get started today on funding! The application is completely free. Enjoy the Labor Day holiday.

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