Automotive Business Continues to Flourish in its Twentieth Year

Tim Fella has been in the automotive business for over 30
years working for a variety of car dealerships as a sales associate and parts
manager.  After bouncing around from different dealerships, Fella became jaded by the grind and began to contemplate his
next career move. Working for yet another car company was not in the cards, and
he felt the best option was to launch his own business.  Fella owns Northshore Automotive in Wilmette,
Illinois.  The company, now in its twentieth
year, offers repairs and services for all makes and models of cars and sells
used cars to patrons looking for a change from their existing automobile.   
Tim Fella’s brilliant concept to operate his business as a
one-stop-shop for automotive repair and used car sales gives him an excellent opportunity
to capitalize in the used car and auto repair market.  With steady improvements in the economy, more
people are patronizing these businesses to take care of their automotive
needs.   If you’re a small business owner running an
auto repair shop or car dealership, operational costs for both can get
expensive and having extra capital becomes a necessity.  That’s why it’s beneficial to work with Silver Rock Funding.   Silver Rock Funding has a
network of the industry’s top lenders available to help you get the working
capital to grow and expand your business. 
Silver Rock Funding’s secure and simple application process is brief,
and once you get approved within 72 hours, a merchant cash advance of up to
$500,000 can be deposited into your account providing you with the extra cash for
long-term success. 

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