Spilling the Beans: How to Get a Coffee Shop Business Loan

Coffee Shop Business Loan options have grown in recent years.

Coffee shops (or cafes if you’re fancy) are the fastest growing niche in the restaurant business. Since the average American coffee drinker consumes 2.7 cups of the caffeinated beverage, it is easy to see why. Coffee is the jhvcxsecond most sought-after commodity in the world, after crude oil. Which is believable if you have found yourself in any coffee shop on a Monday morning. Compete with the big dogs
with a Coffee Shop Business Loan. through Silver Rock Funding.

The Growing Coffee Industry

The growing popularity of coffee in the USA has made the coffee industry extremely lucrative. Although big brands like Starbucks account for the majority of revenue, independent coffee shops are making a mark of their own. A Coffee Shop Business Loan helps to make that happen.

In recent years, there has been a rise in successful independent coffee shops and brands.  Many store owners have found it difficult to get needed funding in times when they really need it. In emergency situations when a drip coffee machine malfunctions, it is virtually impossible to run a coffee shop.

The Need for Coffee Shop Business LoansCoffee Shop Business loan

Unfortunately,  traditional forms of lending have become increasingly unreliable. Alternative lending methods can help coffee shop owners compete with the “green mermaid” also known as Starbucks. Coffee Shop Business Loans gains business owners up to $500,000 in capital.
Expenses such as that new espresso machine, renovations, or hiring additional baristas can be a burden to cafe owners. Silver Rock Funding can connect you to loan options that can be tailored to the needs of cafe owners, regardless of their credit standing.
One popular option are asset-based loans. Asset-based loans are secured by property, including equipment. Once an application is submitted, Silver Rock Funding will connect you with a lender. The lender will assist you to find a funding opportunity suitable for your cafe.

Get a Business Loan

Connect with Silver Rock Funding today and find the right solution for your business.

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