How to Make the Most of Your Business Travel

Business travel may not seem like the most appealing endeavor this summer. Someone has to do it, though. Whether you’re traveling solo for your business or sending a representative along, business travel can be a heavy expense. Although often times it is worth the funds, seeing the profit from some trips doesn’t happen fast enough. This week we discussed our June Favorites, content from across the web that we saw as useful for entrepreneurs. One of our favorites was an article entitled, How to Enjoy Time Off When You’re the Boss from Entrepreneur magazine. The focus here was the importance of taking time off. Believe us you can take advantage of your business travel as a means of relaxation. At Silver Rock Funding we are able to help minimize the stress of business travel expenses. Here are some tips to drive down the cost of your business travel and get the most bang for your buck.

Try New Things

When you are in a strange or new city, there is much to explore. While traveling for business, visiting a  restaurant may be a source of nourishment. However, use your time at a restaurant as creative inspiration. If you just so happen to be in New York, Mars Restaurant is a great chance to experience life on the second-smallest planet. Not only do visits to places such as restaurants stimulate you creatively, monitoring unique customer service experiences can be useful. It can also be counted as a business expense when filing taxes. Even visiting local museums or landmarks can inspire you in the least, and give you time to think and relax at the most. If you need funding for your business travel, reach out to Silver Rock Funding. We have millions of dollars to fund your business travel expenses. Let our funding managers assist your business.

Time to Relax

Like we mentioned previously it is important for a business owner to wind down. Time to relax is important for your mind and body. Even when entrepreneurs take non-business related trips, they find themselves buried in work. It is possible for you to relax on non-business trips as well as business trips. When the conference ends or the last meeting is closed, there is no need to rush back to the airport. Take an additional night off to unwind and reflect. Perhaps you can use this time to organize, strategize, and process the information that you learned. The next day it can be back to business as usual. If you need tips on how to relax on business and non-business-related trips, check here. For the business funding to make your travel possible, our team of lenders can help. During the Spring, we connected entrepreneurs with more than $1 million.

Involve the Family

If the city you are visiting is exciting enough, you can bring along the entire family. In a recent Wall Street Journal article, one CEO discussed how he masters the “family vacation: business trip.” It is certainly possibly to mix both worlds. One way to get the most bang out of your business travel is by finding time to relax with the family or by doing so solo. Although the cost of your family traveling is not covered by traditional business expenses, but it can help to minimize the cost incurred by a traditional vacation. See these points from that article:

  • Only bring your family along if you can draw a clear line between business and personal time.
  • Cities with no language barriers, or which your spouse knows well, tend to work best for such trips.
  • Let your employer/ employees know ahead of time–and make it clear you will cover your family’s travel expenses.
  • When multiple generations are involved, plan ahead and seek out activities that will appeal to all.
  • Stay a few extra days so you have some real family time.

Let Silver Rock Funding, help you make the most of your business travel. Silver Rock Funding could approve your business for funding in less than 24 hours. Up to $500,000 is available to entrepreneurs. Complete the free application online. See how we can help you cover your business travel expenses.

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