How to Get Business Funding for Your Company

business funding
Our team has proven itself to be a secure and effective way for small companies to get business funding. (Photo:

If you are in need of business funding to stay afloat, our team of lenders are here for you. Silver Rock Funding has access to millions of dollars in investor capital for small business owners. Every month, we help hundreds of entrepreneurs who are in need. Using the business funding from our investors, they are empowered to take full control of their businesses.

A popular business funding option is the merchant cash advance. The merchant cash advance is an option where business owners receive financing based on credit card receipts. Once they are approved, money is automatically credited to their bank accounts for them to use for any thing they wish. This is perfect for those who are in emergency situations, where they may suddenly need to replace equipment or make payroll. This is also a good opportunity for less dire situations, such as adding additional inventory. Funding for this sort of option is available within 72 hours or less. Another option is the asset-based lending option. 

Asset-based loans are loans based on the accounts receivable or the assets of a business. Assets include merchandise, money in the bank, or inventory. Once you complete an application, a funding manager will call you to learn more about your business. Our funding managers do this all while emphasizing the security of your private information. We keep your information secure using bank-level security. Approval happens in less than 24 hours.

Silver Rock Funding has helped connect business owners with over $7 million.  Our team has proven itself to be a secure and effective way for small companies to get business funding. We match up entrepreneurs with alternative lenders. Frequently, we hear positive feedback from entrepreneurs.  These business owners have used their funds for relocation, marketing, and purchasing new equipment. Silver Rock Funding offers a variety of funding options that fit the needs of business owner. Reach out to us today.

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