Small Businesses Continue to Create Jobs

Small businesses in the US experienced their ninth consecutive month of positive growth. Some more encouraging news for small business owners! According to a recent study, small businesses in the United States added 118,000 jobs in June. That was a full sixty percent better than the average for the first five months of 2014, and
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Small Business Confidence at 7-Year High

Small business owners’ optimism is at its highest since 2007. It’s been a long, hard few years since the 2008 financial crisis. The stock and housing markets plummeted, unemployment shot up and many people saw the interest rates for their savings accounts drop, leaving them worried that they may not have enough for their retirement.
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Last Month Huge for Small Businesses

Small businesses continue to employ an enormous amount of the workforce. Optimism about small businesses continues to have tangible results, as this past month saw a tremendous amount of success for American small businesses. In May, small businesses in the United States saw their biggest increase in hiring in over a year. 35,000 new jobs
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