You Will Never Guess Who Got Surpassed as #1 Freight Company in One State

Even small biz owners can have big profits
Who would have known that J.B. Hunt Transportation Services of Lowell climbed to number 1 in freight services in Arkansas in 2013 after topping the former #1, FedEx Freight? According to a recent article on their rise, they “did it by continuing to emphasize services and not just trucking. J.B. Hunt reported revenue of nearly $5.6 billion in 2013, surpassing former No. 1 FedEx Freight, which reported approximately $5.4 billion.”
The growth comes for J.B. Hunt after finishing 3rd in 2011 and growing revenue more than 10% since 2012. J.B. Hunt is certainly just one company in one corner of the country, but they do symbolize what a smart company can do to get market share. Whatever competitors you have in your space shouldn’t preclude you from being able to crank away at the big dogs in the space and try to gain some traction. Additionally, loans of all different sizes can certainly serve as a method to assist in growth and development. 
It’s important to also note that J.B. Hunt isn’t the only one picking up steam in this competitive trucking industry.  The No. 10 USA Truck of Van Buren, No. 11 Maverick USA of North Little Rock, No. 15 Hines Trucking of Prescott and No. 16 Woodfield Inc. of Camden all reported revenue increases of more than 9 percent.
Good for them!

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