Small Business Lenders Help Post-Recession

Small business lenders have begun to fill the vacuum left by banks.
We may have begun to see the end of the Great Recession, but
many of its effects are still hamstringing small business owners. The Great
Recession was devastating to small business. According to the US Census, there were over 337,000 fewer companies with less than 499 employees in the few years
after the beginning of the recession. We have started to see a turnaround in
the economy, and small businesses are seeing very encouraging statistics. However,
there is one area where small businesses are still feeling the effects of the
recession: small business loans.
For years, the main place that entrepreneurs would go for
business loans to expand their company was their local bank. Even before the recession, though, banks did not approve many small business loans. Some surveys
had the rate of approval as low as 10 percent, and the numbers remain anemic to
this day. Luckily, changes in the marketplace have led to the rise of small
business lenders, which can often approve loan requests faster and at a higher
rate than banks. This new source of financing has helped countless small
business owners get the money they need to expand their businesses

In order to have the best chance at getting a merchant cash advance from a lender, you need help from a company that knows the marketplace.
That’s where Silver Rock Funding can help. Their extensive network of lenders
can approve a small business loan of up to $500,000. Most loans can be approved
within 72 hours, making sure you have the financing you need, when you need it.

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