Big Summer in Store for HVAC Businesses

HVAC companies can expect a busy summer.

As the summer rapidly approaches, one question is on
everyone’s mind: how hot can we expect it to be? To answer that question, many
turn to the Farmer’s Almanac. This year’s Almanac doesn’t appear to have good
news. It predicts that this summer will be hot and “oppressively humid” for
most of the United States.
“August will bring the hottest weather of the summer to
cities along the coast,” says Kristen Rodman of
After last year’s brutal summer, this projection cannot be
seen as a very promising one.
While most people are dreading the impending heat and
discomfort, small businesses that work in the air conditioning field have a
potential business boon to look forward to. As the summer heat grows more and
more stifling, people with air conditioners will start to kick theirs into
overdrive, potentially leading to failures. People without air conditioners
will install them in an effort to keep their home from becoming a makeshift
sauna. This is great news for any air conditioning repair or installation business.
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