4 Lessons Established Business Owners Can Learn from Start-Ups

Business owner lessons can come from those who are just starting out.

Those in the start-up phase might be seeking out experienced businesses owners for advice, but they might have a lot to offer. Many of the practices of start-up businesses can be useful for established business owners. The Silver Rock Funding team is committed to help business owners be successful. So, here are our favorite business owner lessons from start-up companies:

Prepare for an emergency business owner lessons

If you are a small business owner, then you have likely come across sudden challenges or expenses at one time or another. The longer that you are in business the more comfortable that you get. When businesses first start out then they are always on their toes preparing for things to go wrong. So, one of our business owner lessons is to always be ready for an emergency. Emergency business funding is available for sudden expenses of up to $500,000. Business owners who have been in business for at least three months and earn at least $8,000 monthly, could qualify for this funding solution. Private investors are matched with business owners using Silver Rock Funding.

Get an Investor

Acquiring investor capital can be necessary for those just starting out in business. Often times entrepreneurs take on investors who then gain ownership or become decision-makers in their business. A lot of times, business owners have to cough up a share of their business to receive private funding.  Many business owners say “no” to this, but they really need the funding. Here’s one of our favorite business owner lessons, you do not have to give up ownership to have an investor.

Our products are beneficial for entrepreneurs who have found business success, but are cash poor. Time in business is a key factor. Small businesses operating more than 3 months may qualify. Our team of private investors also favor business owners with a strong earning potential. The minimum revenue requirement is $8,000 per month.

Protect Intellectual property. 

USA Today noted that protection of intellectual property is one of 8 things that business owners should fear. That’s why one of our business owner lessons is to be sure that you protect your ideas. If you have  been a long-time business owner, then you might not realize the significance that the world wide web has on business operations. Another business at any time can take your original ideas or even your strategies. Each company has their own abstract assets. Make sure that trademarks, patents, and copyrights are in line. If you need funding to protect your businesses property, Silver Rock Funding can assist you with that.

Study Hard

When it comes to educating yourself about most industries, there are thousands of books and publications available to help. As an entrepreneur it is critical that you stay abreast with emerging trends and technology related to your industry.  Those who are just starting out in business often times dedicate loads of time to bettering theirselbes with knowlege. Those who are more seasoned tend to think they have enough knowledge. Never stop learning. Even if you’re taking advantage of free webinars, classes, workshops, or conferences. If continuing your education requires you to fork out some cash, Silver Rock Funding has the funding to help. So, there’s  one of your business owner lessons, never stop learning. 


We hope that you use some of the business owner lessons for success at your company. Remember that private investor funding is available for entrepreneurs like you!  Application approvals happen within 3 days. Plus, it is entirely free to complete the application for funding. Whether you need $25,000 or $500,000, we could help.

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