Easter Means More than Eggs for Small Business Owners

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Small business owners increase inventory when they need it

While Easter means a day with families for many individuals, it also means big numbers for some small business owners. A small bakery and candy shop in Catonsville, Maryland, called Sugar Momma’s was featured in a recent article about the business boom associated with the Easter holiday. For example, “the business has received 960 orders for chocolate Easter eggs and expects more before Easter Sunday on April 20,” according to the Baltimore Sun. Understanding how a holiday can trigger sales, promotions and profits is important for all small business owners, not just those who run candy stores and confectioneries. One of the additional challenges for business owners is getting the small business loans they need to grow when the demand increases. Same thing would be the case for a small business that grows Christmas Trees. You need the trees at one time during the year and that costs money for inventory and other things.

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Read more about the Catonsville bakery Sugar Momma’s:


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