Quick Guide: Fund Business Expansion in No Time

Fund business expansion is easier than you could ever imagine, using Silver Rock Funding.

Growing your business is about more than acquiring new customers or opening new locations. It is important to focus on making an investment in training and developing the skills of your staff. Perhaps the need to fund business expansion is reliant on hiring strong staff. Additionally, maybe you have to pay for costs associated  with your staff. Fund business expansion

Investing in the training and development of staff is key to growth. Tony Nicholls, managing consultant at White Stone, believes that the work place should be an environment for learning:

“Research has shown that around 70% of learning takes place on the job, 20% from coaching or mentoring, and only 10% from formal training. Using this rule of thumb, businesses can start to promote self-learning, job swaps, job shadowing, coaching and mentoring arrangements. Some classroom training may be appropriate, for example in coaching skills or appraisals, but much of what managers need can be learned from observing others and sharing best practice amongst themselves. With the internet and social media, much of the theory and suggested best practice can be found and shared online, between staff members.”

Asset-based loans are one method to fund business expansion that requires collateral to secure the loan. So, if you have accounts receivable, equipment, or other assets, this funding option makes it easy for you to fund business expansion. If you are the owner of a construction company, a construction company loan in the form of asset-based financing can help you purchase additional equipment. Additionally merchant cash advances are a collateral-free way to fund business expansion.

If you need to fund business expansion Silver Rock Funding may have what you need. Silver Rock Funding works with a team of trusted private investors. These private investors are not bankers. They are small business owners with millions of dollars in investor capital to fund business expansion, emergencies, or anything other need. The capital is available through a variety of funding options.

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