How Rebranding Can Help Small Businesses Compete in the Marketplace

Devising creative ways to remain relevant in the business
world can pose a variety of challenges for small businesses. With the business
marketplace extremely competitive, small business proprietors tend to look for
whatever competitive advantage or endeavor possible to achieve financial
prosperity. One North Carolina small business owner was confronted with a
similar conundrum, and decided to rebrand his company.  
The owner of Jibarra (Now called Jose and Son’s) saw a decline in sales which compelled him to get
the thoughts of his customer base on how to improve the business. From that
point, the owner did a complete overhaul of the restaurant changing everything from
the name to the buildings appearance.  After
a few months, the gamble paid off and the business has enjoyed increases in weekly
Stories like this serve as a reminder of what small business
owners will do to bolster their client base and company’s growth through
marketing initiatives like rebranding.   However, advertising efforts like this often
have steep financial costs, and knowing there are multiple options out there for
acquiring working capital
to meet your financial needs is meaningful.  At Silver Rock Funding, we have an array of
lenders available to assist you in getting the capital to grow your
business.  The process is simple, and you
can get approval for a merchant cash advance of up to $500,000 within 72 hours.

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