How to Set Your Small Business Apart From the “Crowd”


Does your small business have a “unique selling proposition,” or what’s also known as a USP. A USP “is key to setting yourself apart from competitors and building a profitable business.”

In a large market, your USP is your saving grace. We found a great article on on this topic and thought we’d share the wisdom. So, here are some tips you, as a small business owner, should consider in order to cultivate your USP:

  • Nothing is more important to a successful business, big or small, than understanding your customers’ needs. Their needs not include their daily challenges, but also, “what motivates their behavior and buying decisions.” And remember, not every customer in your market is your customer. As Gwen Jimmere, CEO of NATURALICIOUS, said, “The riches are in the niches.” What does that mean? Find your niche!
So, at the end of the day…figure out what your small business does best, create a message to communicate your business’s standout traits, pinpoint your niche customer base it, and then communicate your message to your customer base. Do that, and you’re set!
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