How Your Business Can Fund Independence Day Deals

Independence Day is the ultimate American holiday it commemorates they day that the United States adopted the Declaration of Independence. So, every year on the fourth day of July, Americans get together to celebrate the holiday. From barbecues to parades, the holiday serves as a way to unite Americans. Many businesses find creative ways to capitalize off of the 4th of July. The cost of funding your Independence Day deals can leave your business with an empty bank account. At Silver Rock Funding, we offer quick funding that can get the ball rolling on your Independence Day deals.

Businesses, both big and small, are ready to serve customers next week during the fourth. If you are a retailer, this is an excellent chance for you to unload some of your summer inventory. Now is the best time to create space in your business for back-to-school items for August. This spreads beyond the clothing retail space, many entrepreneurs can benefit from having Independence Day deals. Last year, Dell Computers, HP, and Lenovo offered discounts of up to 65% on electronics, such as laptops during the Fourth of July holiday. Additionally, outdoor brands like Columbia, Gander Mountain, and Dick’s Sporting Goods sold items for half their value. For example, in a previous Silver Rock Blog post, we offered methods for restaurants to do summer business promotions. No matter what industry your business is a part of, funding for your Independence Day deals can be helpful.

Some items are more likely than others to be purchased during this Fourth of July weekend. Furniture, air conditioning units, and outdoor sporting gear are popular purchases. As an entrepreneur it is critical to monitor sale trends from previous years or from your peers (if you have a newer business) and determine what are the most lucrative items to promote. Independence Day deals can easily be funded through the assistance of Silver Rock Funding’s team of lenders.

Our private lending partners have millions of dollars to lend to entrepreneurs. During the spring, we connected small business owners with more than one million dollars. We would love to exceed that funding this summer. If your business can use funding for their Independence Day deals, we can assist you. Just complete an application on our website. A funding manager will quickly contact you. Funding can hit your account within 3 days. Let us help you.


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