Our July Favorites: Secrets , Tequila, and more

July Favorites from Silver Rock Funding features content that the Silver Rock Funding Team  loved from across the web. 

In July, we sifted through tons of articles and videos to find information that would be fun, interesting, and useful to the thousands of  entrepreneurs that reach out to Silver Rock Funding every month. Below we compiled a list of our July Favorites:

Tequila-powered vehicles? 

That’s right, you read that right. Sign you up? Well hold your horses, let us explain the brilliant concept. A partnership between Ford Motor Company and Jose Cuervo has resulted in this brilliant gem. The goal is to use the agave plant as a green method of auto part creation. The goal to make more sustainable bioplastics to employ in Ford vehicles. While the car maker aims to reduce its impact on the environment, the concept is trailblazing beyond the plant’s use in the automotive industry. The technology can potentially be useful for all types of machinery and equipment. In the next few years, experts predict, it can even be helpful for your company.

See the article that we read on Tequila-powered vehicles here.

July Favorites
Richard St. John’s secrets to success include tips from Bill Gates and Rupert Murdoch.


Secrets to success

We loved this 3 minute TED Talk. Usually, we see those lengthy  TED Talks, although we love them, we do not always have enough time in the day to scan to stop and watch these powerful information sessions. That’s why we were excited to take 3 minutes out of our day to see Analyst, Richard St. John condense 7 years of interviews from 500 interviews into  a 3 minute TED Talk. He explained 8 secrets to success from Rupert Murdoch to Bill Gates.

Some of the secrets include serving, passion, and persistence. Check out the secrets in the video below:


Think like a small business owner.

Our third and last feature in our July favorites comes from Fortune. The article titled, “Why Every CEO Should Think Like A Small Business Owner,” roves that there are rewards in running a smaller establishment.Often times at Silver Rock Funding we hear from those who run small businesses. We do not usually hear from the bigger enterprises. Most of the entrepreneurs who contact us have dreams of growing and expanding their companies to large corporations. Little do most business owners know, but there is plenty of wisdom to be gained in owning a small business.

  1.  Don’t be quick to say “no” to new ideas. Small business owners are better at adjusting to changes and rethinking processes.
  2. Transparency with staff. When your company is open and honest with employees, you build trust and loyalty with your staff. Small businesses tend to make a habit of transparency with companies.

See the rest of the tips here.

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