Small Business Loans for Veterans (VIDEO)

The stats are impressive, but certainly don’t tell the entire story:

Veteran Owned Businesses Are Growing
  • Sales of
    $1.220 trillion
  • 5.793 million employees
  • Annual payroll of $210 billion.
Businesses owned by Veterans make up a huge part of the national economy and aside from representing just the Stars & Stripes, Silver Rock Funding is proud to be a part of the Veteran community. Businesses that are owned by Veterans have been a huge part of this nation’s history and as more and more great companies emerge owned by these heroes the more opportunities there are for great returning veterans too. The finance and insurance industry appear to be large employers of Veterans and Silver Rock Funding has been helping those industries and more. The merchant cash advance option works well for many business owners–not just Veterans, as it allows a merchant to get the funding they need without liquidating assets or spending via a credit card.
One great story we found in Enterpreneur magazine was about Robert Dyer, a veteran who returned home from active duty and grew his company RuckPack and its parent company Noots Nutrition. According to the article, “he started out by selling a
vitamin supplement through his website; now he employs 10 people and
has launched a drinkable nutritional shot as his key product.” Great stories like this illuminate how hard work and drive can lead to great opportunities for any entrepreneur.
The National Veteran Owned Business Association is also active in promoting this cause and put out a great video with Super Bowl winner Rocky Bleier about veterans and being an entrepreneur. 
Silver Rock Funding is proud to be able to help Veteran Owned Businesses with Small Business Loans and Merchant Cash Advances.

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