Video: Construction Companies Get Funding Fast

Construction companies were impacted by the rough weather
Construction companies are ready for the nice weather even
more than just your average person. From Maine to Michigan to Mexico the Winter
was rough for everyone, but especially our friends in the construction industry
who were forced to deal with adverse weather conditions impacting their
businesses. Ever tried to break ground on a home in the middle of Winter? Good
luck! There are even entire businesses in the construction business that only
rent groundbreaking tools and if the ground doesn’t break, what do you do? 
the weather starts to heat up throughout the country, business will begin
booming again and getting the money in your coffers to begin large products is
necessary. With merchant cash advance products like the ones available through
the Silver Rock Funding, construction companies can get the funding they need—sometimes
within 72 hours.

The process works by our connecting our great network of
lenders with your individual need. Our lenders look for merchants that have
been in business for at least 3 months and make at least $8,000 a month.
Regardless of the reason, a dedicated funding manager will work with you to get
your construction company the funding it needs and deserves. From small business loans, to merchant cash advances, Silver Rock Funding is here to help! 
Learn more about how we operate with our business lending explanation below:

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