The 4 Business Resources That Every Business Owner Needs

Business resources are important for entrepreneurs. From apps to organizations, here’s what you need.

Small business owners are always looking for ways to get ahead. Whether it’s technological innovations or marketing tips, help is usually welcome. The Silver Rock Funding team developed a list of the best business resources for small business owners.

#1 Small Business Administration

The purpose of the Small Business Administration is to provide resources to so called mom and pop businesses. Those small businesses that may have difficulties accessing financial,  assistance or resources in the private space. When business owners are in the start-up phase, their local SBA chapter is the first place that they should stop. Workshops can help business owners learn from other entrepreneurs. Business loans can help companies make purchases that they otherwise could not afford. The Small Business Administration, can be an excellent way to get a business the things that it needs. Business resources

#2 Social Media

As marketing has transformed in recent years, digital marketing has taken precedence. These social media platforms are dynamic business resources for small businesses. You have an all-in-one platform for a variety of things. You have an avenue of communicating with customers: a customer service department of sorts. From customer service to advertising, social media is a business resource that every company should tap into.

#3 Alternative lenders

Why alternative lending? Well, the big banks aren’t too eager to lend to small businesses. After the economic collapse of 2008, tighter regulations make small business lending more an liability. Often times the costs of funding small loans to small businesses are close to funding big loans to big businesses. Therefore, banks and other traditional lending institutions opt for funding these bigger businesses. Alternative lenders, such as those at Silver Rock Funding, are a business resource that small businesses can get behind.

#4 Kriddik app

Kriddik®, a free app that allows consumers to provide direct, private feedback to businesses was released earlier this month via the App Store and Google Play. We think it is worthy of our list of  phenomenal business resources.

This mobile app, that launched nationally this month, is an invaluable tool for businesses who want to measure how well they are delivering goods and services to their customers. With Kriddik® businesses will not only receive more constructive feedback from which they can learn, but also find more opportunity to recognize and build on what is being done well, improving the overall customer experience,” Boucher said.

Try these business resources for success this year. Another thing that brings more success is having funding. At Silver Rock Funding, we offer millions of dollars through our trusted investors. These private investors can be one of the best business resources (not listed). We work with 99% of industries. Moving company business loans help those in that space cover necessary expenses.

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