Are You Doing Enough to Get Customers and Keep Them?

Customers may have a good reason why they are not returning to your business.

A new study shows the reason why many small business owners have trouble with customer retention. If you have trouble with holding on to those repeat customers. There are a few things that you should take notice of at your business:

CustomersCustomer Feedback

Having a streamlined method of customer communication is vital. Those comment boxes have been staples in businesses for years. Often times they are unreliable and customers overlook them. In the technology age, web-based and brick and mortar companies are emailing feedback forms for people to complete.  These emails can go unnoticed and therefor leave you void of information from customers. There is a new app on the market that helps customers get connected with business owners with ease, kriddik. The app awards prizes and gifts to customers for providing discrete feedback directly to business owners.

What information are you missing?

Having adequate customer feedback on such things helps you to learn where you can improve. Is your staff unfriendly? Does your service suck? Does the bakery next door have better buns? All of this information is critical to you knowing how to improve customer retention.

What reasons would those one-hitter customers give for not returning to your business? Well, a news survey by Cistern has all the details. They surveyed more than 2,000 adults. All of these individuals dished on what makes them reluctant to return to a restaurant. The top 5 all dealt with cleanliness issues. Dirty surfaces, odors, filthy entryways, bad plumbing, and restrooms all are enough for your business to be written off.

What next?

At Silver Rock Funding, we work with small business owners to get funding. The capital can be used to fund anything that a small business owner needs. That means anything that can satisfy the needs of consumers. Those customers whose retention is essential to the health of your small business. Get small business loans in less than 72 hours upon approval.

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