Craft Breweries Boost Business

The rise of the craft brewery industry has benefited numerous other industries.
Last week, we talked about how food is one of the most
stable industries, because no matter what, people will always need something to
eat. Another burgeoning industry goes hand in hand with food, and may be in
even higher demand: beer. According to, the number of craft
breweries in the United States has exploded by 131 percent in the past seven
years. Areas where craft breweries are especially popular include the Northeast
and West, though the magic of finely made beer is beginning to take hold of the
Midwest, Mid Atlantic, and yes, even the Deep South as well.
The rise in the brewery industry stands to benefit a number
of other industries. Breweries will need vendors to sell their beers to.
Restaurants, hotels, and grocery stores can all expect more business as
breweries look for other places to sell their product. In addition, catering halls and other places where weddings are held will be able to boost their
business by offering new craft beers at their open bars. In short, the
possibilities for a multitude of industries are quite possibly limitless.

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