Dominating the Dental Industry? Not Who You Think

There is an interesting trend going on in the dental industry that would surprise you. Dentists are getting busier because more and more adults are seeking the straighter teeth for a better smile that we more closely attach to kids traditionally pursuing. According to The American Association of Orthodontists,the number of
adult orthodontic patients increased 14 percent in a two-year period
from 2010 to 2012 for a total of more than 1.2 million adult patients. Adult patients who didn’t pursue orthodontia or correction as a kid for whatever reason are getting the procedure now and the industry is exploding! You know what that means for dentists and orthodontists? You guessed it. Patients and money. In order to get in on that fun, some dentists need capital to expand their business, hire new technicians and even increase payroll. 
According to a recent article, the cost for orthodontic treatment varies depending on a patient’s needs. But, “the costs can range from $250 for a simple retainer to $2,800 to $6,000
for Invisalign, ceramic braces, stainless steel braces and other
treatment options.” Getting that money in the door sometimes means spending the money up front. With Silver Rock Funding, businesses like dentists and orthodontists can get the cash they need for their business even with less than stellar credit. Some businesses can get up to $500,000 in a business cash advance. One of the most popular forms of this financing is a merchant cash advance, where a lender can get a dentist capital based on their future credit card receivables.
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Here is a consumer review of Invisalign braces too if you are interested: 

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