Emergency Business Loans in Just 72 Hours

Emergency business loans can be a lifesaver for entrepreneurs. Small business owners do not have the same access to capital as larger corporations.

When you are a business owner you begin to expect the unexpected. Restocking inventory may be a weekly to monthly process. Equipment malfunctions may be rare, but are certainly possible.  A surge in clients, although a good thing, can sometimes be difficult to handle. Earlier this week, we explored the topic of seasonal highs and lows. The ability to cope with every possibility in business is paramount. At Silver Rock Funding, our emergency business loans can help in every unexpected moment.

We hear from hundreds of entrepreneurs every week. Many small business owners are at their wit’s end. Often entrepreneurs have no funding for even small costs. Many small businesses have no other option, unlike large corporations. Bills come in constantly.  Our emergency business loans are not only for entrepreneurs who are doing poorly, however. Many business owners that suddenly have a rise in customers, may need to quickly have funds to support the demand. Silver Rock Funding works with private investors to get an emergency business loan within 3 days.

Many entrepreneurs need funding in order to meet a higher demand of customers. We offer a variety of emergency business loans for a variety of needs. Our asset-based loans are great for the “cash poor” entrepreneur. These secured loans consider a business’ inventory and accounts receivable upon approval. Asset-based loans can help if you have equipment, clients, and other resources. These resources prove to our trusted investors that your business will continue to generate revenue.

For approval your time in business and existing income is considered. In order to qualify you must bring in at least $8,000 monthly. We consider a business to be established as long as you have been in business for at least three months.  A poor credit history will not disqualify you from acquiring an emergency business loan. You can complete a free application on our website. Our team of funding managers are eager to assist you.

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