Are You Qualified for a Business Loan?

Qualified for a business loan? Private investor funding may be available for your company through Silver Rock Funding. 
qualified for a business loan
The average business owner expects a 9% increase in revenue, this year. Photo credit: DominateLocally

Throughout the year experts and individuals have questioned the future of small businesses. Optimism has declined and spiked. A notable survey cites that the average business owner expects a 9% increase in revenue, this year. This growth calls for extra capital. Funding is needed for inventory, hiring, merchandise, or any other business expenses that might change with your business growth. The Silver Rock Funding team partners with private investors to fund small businesses. Getting qualified for a business loan  is possible.

Now seems to be one of the more confident times for entrepreneurs. A recent Forbes article stated that 83% of business owners are, at least somewhat, confident that their business will grow this year. Restaurant owners will need more servers and kitchen staff. Transportation services need additional vehicles. Here is the kicker, the most optimistic entrepreneurs have less than $5 million in revenue. That means that there may not be a whole lot of financial cushion around. Being qualified for a business loan is key here.

Qualified businesses must bring in at least $8,000 in monthly revenue. Your business must be operational for at least 3 months. Businesses with less than stellar credit can be approved. 99% of industries are fundable. If you believe that you are qualified for a business loan from one of our trusted lenders, let us help. We have connected entrepreneurs with more than $7 million since we started.

At Silver Rock Funding, there are a variety of funding options for entrepreneurs. Approvals are primarily based on time in business and existing income. A funding manager will be assigned to you and learn more about your business. These entrepreneurs know or will soon find out, that it takes money to make money. One fear they may have is whether or not they are qualified for a business loan. The Silver Rock Funding team works with small business owners to connect them to customized funding. Complete the free application.


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