3 Ways Established Businesses Can Use Business Loans

Established businesses are not all cash-rich. There are various business expenses that require small business owners to seek out funding options. Silver Rock Funding offers small business funding to established businesses.

Last week, the Silver Rock Blog team covered ways that entrepreneurs can handle various business expenses. This is true in every stage of business. From legal expenses to emergency costs, writing checks is inevitable. Those in the start-up phase soon learn what bills they will continue to face. Those who own established businesses cringe at additional costs that they face besides their monthly bills. Our team at Silver Rock Funding works with private investors to connect owners of established businesses with money. Here are 3 ways that established businesses can find uses for small business lloans


At every business there are highs and lows. These waves may occur for days at the time and be consistent or they might come unpredictably at any time. It will soon become obvious that you need consistent and reliable staff. A small staff may  be appealing as you save money by limiting the number of people on your payroll. Every employee costs 20% more than their salary in payroll expenses. Additionally, you may want to play it safe. Having a long list of staff members can be helpful when business suddenly picks up. Unfortunately, this can leave established businesses in a poor light with employees. It can also make your life difficult if you struggle to meet payroll. Our trusted lenders have assisted thousands business owners with expenses such as payroll. Silver Rock Funding can assist you as well.


“Great emergencies and crises show us how much greater our vital resources are than we had supposed.”

In life nothing is guaranteed. In business, this is all the more true. As we mentioned in hiring, seasonal high and lows are expected. At times these lows are not related to the flow of business. In fact, other things happen. Equipment malfunctions can cripple the day-to-day functions of established businesses. If a key employee falls ill, you may have to sudden hit the drawing board and come up with new strategies. Emergency or sudden expenses are serious business. You do not want to damage the reputation or cash flow of your established business due to something out of your hands. At Silver Rock Funding, we connect entrepreneurs with our network of trusted lenders. More than $1.5 million has been funded to established businesses in the last 50 days. Let us alleviate your headache during times of emergency.


When entrepreneurs start out they have huge visions. Business owners want the most for their business from the start-up phase. Once they have moved into established businesses, they may lose some of their vigor. Although visionaries at heart, they become complacent. At Silver Rock Funding we aim to fuel the ideas of entrepreneurs. Some of the business owners we speak with want to add locations to their brand. Others simply want to add new inventory. No matter what desires they might have, there are funding opportunities for them to choose from. The best part of it is that entrepreneurs have can receive funding within 72 hours. That means that from conception to actualization, there might only be 3 days.

Let the Silver Rock Funding team get you started. Visit our website and let a Funding Manager get you started.

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