May Favorites for Small Business Owners

The month of May started off great for small business owners. The first week we celebrated National Small Business Week.  It was marked with conferences, workshops, and other events.  We found that May was also a great month for online publications. At Silver Rock Funding, we are committed to sharing valuable content with entrepreneurs.  From Forbes to Fortune, here are our favorite articles from the month of May.

How Far Business Owners Should Go to Keep Customers Happy

In the Fortune Online weekly column, Practically Speaking helps resolve everyday dilemmas from small business owners.  This week an entrepreneur questioned whether or not  “regular” customers get VIP treatment. Do you treat your exising customers with preference, in a don’t bite the hand that feeds you sort of way? Or do you worry about making first impressions on potential returning customers. How far do you think business owners go to please customers? Leave your feedback, below. 

How The Wealthiest Person In Every State Got Rich

Not only did Forbes publish their list of wealthiest people, but they thought it necessary to show how they made their wealth. Finance and investments topped the list, with 8 wealthy people on the list in that sector. Second was the fashion industry. 7 billionaires out of that category made the list. That includes the owner of Nike, Phil Knight of Oregon and Les Wexner, the brains behind Victoria’s Secret, Bath and Body Works, and the Limited. One headline from the list was Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, he is now California’s wealthiest resident, he is worth more than $51 B. Check out the article. Did your industry make the list? Let us know in the comments.

4 Ways to Boost Ranking For Your Own Branded Terms

We all know how important it is to rank on search engines. This Entrepreneur Magazine online article gave 4 methods to improve your ranking. This article discussed the importance of optimizing your social media platforms and updating your google listing. The also, recommend building up company citations, by getting listed on sites like Yelp and Yahoo Local.  Another great tip was to optimize your website using your keywords. Be generous in your use of branded terms throughout your website, this will help with your company rank. Well,  guess that was all the four ways. Do you have any ideas to add?

Why Small Business Owners Need a Digital Strategy to Grow

In this article they emphasize what we have been saying all along. Your digital footprint is important. 90% of consumers look online to find information about your business before visiting or making a purchase. Getting your website in order allows you to have control of your brand name and what information is available to customers. Also, having a solid social media presence not only allows customers to see your status updates, but helps your business to rank in search engines. Does your business have a website? What is your digital strategy? Let us know!

13 Things ‘Ghostbusters’ Can Teach You about Starting a Small Business

This humorous article covers the ways in which the 80’s film can influence small business owners,  today. More than one dozen ideas were pulled from this publication to help those with start-up companies. This article covered the importance of a strong team. Another thing the author pulled from the film was the importance of a strong marketing campaign.

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