Do I Qualify for a Business Loan?

Qualify for a business loan using our network of lenders.

Most entrepreneurs need to qualify for a business loan at one point or another. For several reasons, business owners are hesitant to apply for funding. Often times, small business owners assume that they do not qualify for a business loan. Silver Rock Funding may be able to help. Our alternative lenders can assist a segment of Applicationentrepreneurs who usually may not qualify for a business loan. Millions of dollars in investor capital is available for small businesses. Do you qualify for a business loan with Silver Rock Funding? The answer might be, “yes.”

qualify for a business loan
If you have been in business for the required time, you may qualify for a business loan of up to $500,000. (Photo Credit: Careerealism)

Poor Credit

It has long been understood that poor credit can make life a bit more challenging. From car purchases to home buying, having a low score can stop you from getting the things you want and need. The same holds true for business owners. Many business owners do not qualify for a business loan, from traditional lenders, based on their credit score. If you want funding from a big bank, forget about it if you have bad credit. Of course you can take the time to build your personal or business credit score, hoping for funding. However, if you need funding in the near future, your best bet is to use an alternative lender. The trusted lenders at Silver Rock Funding will not deny you money based on your credit score. That means, you can purchase new inventory or a company vehicle in as soon as 72 hours, in spite of your credit rating.

Time in Business

Although the lenders at Silver Rock Funding do not work with start-up companies, qualifying for funding does not require years in business. A loan from Silver Rock Funding is available if you have been operating for just 3 months. That means that all you have to do is get your business up and running. If you have been in business for the required time, you may qualify for a business loan of up to $500,000. That is money to purchase anything you think your business might need. It’s your call.

USA Businesses

A plethora of entrepreneurs are in need of working capital. At Silver Rock Funding, we hear from business owners from across the globe. Unfortunately, in order to qualify for a business loan from Silver Rock Funding, you must be in one of the 50 states. So that’s lucky for American business owners. That’s US-based businesses from Alaska to Florida. 99% of industries are covered. Whether you are a dentist or in the bar and restaurant industry, we have most US businesses covered. You can find out if you qualify in less than 24 hours.

Get Funding

Now you should have a good idea as to whether or not you qualify for funding. The next step is to complete an application. You will hear from a funding manager who will try to learn more about what you need. Our goal is to have a clear understanding of your business and get you the funding that you need. There are several funding options to choose from. One popular option is the merchant cash advance. This funding option is available to business owners who accept credit card purchases. When it is time to pay back the funds, a percentage of your daily credit card receipts will  go to the lender until the loan is satisfied. Contact Silver Rock Funding today and see what funding products are available for you.

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