Quick Funding That Works for Small Business Owners

Quick funding solutions are crucial to small business survival.

Here at Silver Rock Funding, we worked with more than 2,000 business owners last month.  In the month of October, we approved a transportation company for $50,000 in quick funding. In the last few weeks, nail salons were matched with more than $100,000 in private investor capital. Overall, nearly one thousand businesses were matched with one of our trusted investors.  Quick funding

Once your business is approved you could get a deposit in just 72 hours. That’s right it only takes 3 days, that’s quick funding that your business needs:

You complete the free application. When completing the application, you will provide general information about your business. Income, length of time in business, and your industry are some of the essential details you will contribute.

You could get approved. Once you submit your application, you do not have to play a long waiting game: approvals typically happen within 24 hours. So within one day you could be matched with an investor with millions of dollars to lend.

You will have a comprehensive repayment plan. Before you can accept a loan, all terms and conditions will be disclosed to you. With a variety of quick funding options for your business, Silver Rock Funding can get you a plan that works for your business. When it is time to repay, payments can be automatically deducted from your bank account monthly or daily from credit card receipts.

The Silver Rock Funding team has partnered with investors that have millions of dollars in investor funding for small business owners. The application is free and available on our website. Once you are approved, a designated funding manager will work with you. Let us get your business the help that you need.

–The Silver Rock Funding Team

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