Achieve Small Business Success this November: Invest in Your Appearance

Small business success relies on a variety of factors, including the appearance of yourself and your business matters.

Silver Rock Funding has funding solutions for business renovations, decorations, and… yes even wardrobe revamps. Small business success relies on funding. Let our team of trusted investors help you out.

The first bit of advice is a bit superficial. Looks matter. This week, Huffington Post offered non-expensive methods  for small business owners to feel big. One primary method they mentioned was investing in appearance. Small business success is contingent on faking it until you make it. The article makes the following argument:Small business success

“If you think this is ostentatious and pretentious, consider what statistics and years of research on appearance have proven. In a Forbes piece, we’re shown how weight gain can lead to wage drop, and another piece on Business Insider shows that your clothing can indeed contribute to how you’re perceived.”

This is not only true for the business owners physical appearance, improving and renovating the decor at your business can help small business success as well. Studies have shown that customer retention relies heavily on your decor and cleanliness. With a private investment from Silver Rock Funding, business owners can cover a variety of costs. There are Hair Salon Business loans that can be used as renovations funding.

If you have a brick and mortar operation, you want to impress your customers. At the conception of your business you may spend tons of  money on furniture and paint. You might even reach out to an interior decorator to invest in your ambience. Running a business is about more than having a fancy waiting area. The longer you are in business, you soon figure this out.

Established businesses find themselves expanding their decorum. After you have been in business for a few years, you might feel that you need an update to aid your small business success. Many want to compete with the layout of larger non-customer based corporations such as Google. Although some experts claim having a well though-out office environment lends toward productivity and creativity, it is still important to budget. If you have a less than fashionable company, do not go above your budget to decorate. If you have a business that is appearance-related, such as a hair salon or a clothing boutique, decor is worth the investment.

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