Small Business Owner Needs, Satisfied

Small business owner needs are wide and vast. From financial lack to time management, many entrepreneurs do not have the resources they require.
small business owner needs
Small business owner needs are wide and vast.

Every small business owner needs assistance. Whether it is through mentorship or financial support, no one gets it right 100% of the time. That’s why we hear from hundreds of entrepreneurs every week looking for solutions. Here are some of the questions we receive:

Why Would an Established Business Need a Loan?

Expenses are a part of doing business. Bills come year-round, year to year. Your business may be generating an excess of money, but suddenly you find that there is not enough.

Am I Qualified for a Business Loan?

Qualified businesses must bring in at least $8,000 in monthly revenue. Your business must be operational for at least 3 months. Businesses with less than stellar credit can be approved. 99% of industries are fundable. If you believe that you are qualified for a business loan from one of our trusted lenders, let us help.

What to Do When You are Experiencing Seasonal Lows?

Seasonal lows are not only tied into how much business you are getting. When emergency expenses hit your business, you may not have the funds to cover it. Silver Rock Funding is a leader in emergency business funding.

When is the Right Time to Get Small Business Loans?

Every small business owner needs money at some point. If you need the money and lack the capital on your own, a small business loan may help. Getting small business loans do not have to be seen as a negative decision. Understandably, business ownership is akin to a parental role. Your business is like your child. You try to make every decision in a way that will not hurt it.

Those are only some of the small business owner needs we covered this month. Check out the rest at our Blog.

This summer we have tried to do things differently. We understand that the business owners that we work with need more than financial assistance. Many small business owners lack the resources that could help them to grow as entrepreneurs. We have aimed to become that bridge between entrepreneurs and the resources they need.


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