3 Ways Your Company Can Thrive in Seasonal Industries

For entrepreneurs in seasonal industries it can be straining to pick up where you left off 6 months or more ago. From sprinkler installations to snow shovelers, some businesses thrive only during particular seasons. At Silver Rock Funding, we work with small business owners in seasonal industries. Here are some tips how to prepare your seasonal businesses for a successful run:

seasonal industries
For those who are in seasonal industries it can be straining to pick up where you left off 6 months or more ago. Photo/ Wes Iverson


According to Entrepreneur Magazine, the number one tip for seasonal business owners is to have a understanding of the cycles in your industry. It is important for entrepreneurs in seasonal industries to predict expenses and earnings for the coming season. Experts suggest reviewing your sales data from previous years for foresight. If you have a newer business, check with others in your industry or look at  published statistics. This is imperative for several reasons.

One reason is hiring. You do not want to be caught short-handed as new clients or projects fall into your lap. Having the right amount of staff is necessary. Also, you also do not want to bring in too many employees that you cannot afford to pay. Additionally, you want to make sure that you have the right quantity of inventory or equipment to last you through the year. Having the right data can help you to not overspend and know exactly how much funding you need to have a successful season. If you need funding, Silver Rock Funding can connect you with money for hiring and purchasing equipment.


Whether your business is year-round or seasonal, it is essential to have a positive customer relationship. We believe that it is even more important for those in seasonal industries. The reputation for a business that only operates during part of the year is extremely fragile. Having a strong communication among staff and customers can make or break your company.

Have systems in place that allow solid communications between you customers and staff. As entrepreneurs, it is easy to be pulled into one direction and lose sight of other obstacles. Using simple electronic systems such as group texting or more advanced ones such as Groupme, can solidify your business communication throughout the season. If you need funding for communication expenses, such as cell phones or other advanced software, Silver Rock Funding has access to trusted lenders with millions of dollars to assist.


Marketing is important throughout the year for most industries, but for seasonal business owners things can be more complicated. You may wonder when is a good time to start. At SmallBizTrends.com, they recommend starting early.

In their article, 10 Ways Business Owners Can Make the Most of Seasonal Marketing they encourage entrepreneurs to “promote before everyone else.”  From sending “thank you” notes in the months following the end of the season to early spring promos, it is important to not get lost in the crowd. Another recommendation is to make sure the website is updated with a seasonal element. You can even embellish your logo with some seasonal attributes. Remember Silver Rock Funding is here to help. If you could use between $5,000 to $500,000 for business marketing, our trusted lenders can help.

Get Funded

If you are a small business owner with a seasonal business, let Silver Rock Funding  can connect you with the funding that you need. Complete the application for quick approvals, money could be in your account within 3 days. We have connected thousands of entrepreneurs with more than $7 million in funding. See how we can help you. If you have extra advice for seasonal business owners, leave them in the comments.


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